Thursday, March 31, 2011

n it's continue til now


he..baru balik from best posting HKL too many cases sampai ase nak ckap..Dr. I want to help..n for a moment I'm forgot that I carried my broken heart together to HKL..

yeay this is d situation..
(tp serius lupa haha)

ok.look at very d very insaf..serius 30 years with glaucoma dengan medan penglihatan yang berkurang..dan still..boleh senyum dan sembang macam biasa..n yet me..? weak..owh Allah hamba Mu ini malu dengan kelemahan diri..U, yes U =P

u see all above in me rite..??

trying to fixed the broken heart dat r mine...
trying so hard..

and i'm upset..bcoz

but..all i can nothing..

and for u..yes u again~

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