Saturday, March 12, 2011

sedih + menci= gloomy

jujur..tak tahu kenapa..dua tiga menjak kebelakangan ini..bermain-main perkataan jujur tuh menari-nari berguling-guling dalam otak ni..i need to be honest to bff..

ok everything spill out tonight..

dia ok..

but me..still in sorrow, horror ..


because i really hate the fact dat i told dia..menci! i hate my self..

i hate for being my self..owh cammon am..get back to ur

but just can't.. too hurt to stand with it

owh no i cry again n again..n my heart felt some heartache.. 


Anonymous said...

"cammon am..get back to ur" strong k

Arm_mj said...

owh thanks..past is past..but still humm

ch!natsu said...

nape nie darl..
apapun jgn sdey2 ye..
be strong..

Arm_mj said...

chinatsu *hugs*