Saturday, April 16, 2011

Be with me..

*miss me when i'm not with u one day*

I just want to be somebody. That u'll remember n appreciate each second..

I don't want to be a memory that u'll remember sometimes n forget when u don't need me anymore..

I want u to read and comment everything I wrote. Even i know everything that i had wrote were nonsense..

I know that I had no talent. I know that I'm stupid enough. I know that I'm not perfect. I know everything that when it comes to describe my self it was awful enough...

I know it's hurt when I'm comparing myself with her that incomparable. That she's perfect enough. But i can't stop comparing. Did u understand that..?

Did u know? When I'm reading her blog. When I see u "there"... I'm hurt. I felt small. I felt stupid..

:: When everything happen, either laugh or cry, I just want u 2 be there with me:: Is't hard..? Am I too selfish..?am I too greed..?

Owh Allah..please..give me strength. I'm not strong enough. Shamed on myself~

p/s: to "u" that had stolen my heart silently. Please return it safely..=)

bcoz i noe..dat i cant make u happy as she does..bcoz i cant make u fall in love like she does..n bcoz i'm not as perfect as her..lets just bury this feeling deep down~

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