Monday, May 2, 2011

what if..

thanks to my mouth that speak tru my heart.

when i said, i love to read ur comment
u never again write it..

when i said, I'm happy when u read my blog,
U never come again,

What if one day, I said, that I love when u see me smiling.
would u make me cry everyday..?

what if, one day I said I want u by my side,
would u arrogantly walk away from me?

what if, one day I said that "be my ear for a while"
would u struggle to become deaf?

what if..


aleen aiden said...

en3 ini suweet walaupun klo jadik kt alin ianye bukanlah sesuatu yg suweet!hu3

Arm_mj said...

=) x sweet langsng org yg buat cm ni~ nak bg penampo syg je rase hihi