Thursday, June 30, 2011

things get better

dear blog,

first at all, sorry for not being here for a long time.. I'm not forgetting you but I'm just kinda busy adjusting my new chapter of life.

dear blog..

there's many thing that i'm thinking right now that i just dont know how to tell u or others. sometimes i just felt that i'm not that maryam jameelah before. There's something changing me deep down. Maybe this what we called process of mind maturity..(ye dop ayat aku ni) hehe..and for the some time i felt that i'm missing home that i've never felt before that made me cry with boyot before i'm falling asleep back then.

hurmm..and I'm start acting weird like I'm being more reckless and careless and that's not like me before.

and I'm start missing the old day when there's nothing to worry much..when I just can start the car engine to return home..when i can hug n kiss mum n dad when i feel like i want to do it..

n my heart tell me this

U r big girl right now..n big girl don't cry..


aleen aiden said...

kadang2 kewl juga jadik weirdo neh.hee
smoaga semuanye baik2 je utk kamoo! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Yes, really.

cik teyh said...

ya..started to miss those old deisss behind..huu..~