Thursday, November 18, 2010

stop facebooking for a while..?

this is me..with my housemate..:) actully if rajen2 layan facebook pon..ngan budak berdua ni je la..hihi (Seem likes no one to be frens wif me huhu T__T) bukan la..i just wanna to test is't i`m alive if there's no fesbuk in my life..??hehe

1st day..
quiet tough..asik nak pi bukak je..huhu tabahkn hati am..u can do it!! bkn ada ape pon fesbuk tuh..cammon am..

2nd day...
uhuhuuu nak buka fesbuk..nk juge..ceh kalo da gian on blk laa..bkn ade org pasan pn..

3rd day..
hihi berjaya!! da hari ke-3 da..:) ok..decide..i want to write..nak luahkn sumer kat bace ke tak ke..up to org la..kan2..dis just like my diaries..btw x de sape pon nk bce :)..

i'm off with tumblr..
i'm off with facebook tmporary jek..keke

don't miss me frens..

my frens told me before..that..there's a lot of way for u to stay connecting with ur frens instead of using facebook..n i believe in it..try!! =)



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