Saturday, July 30, 2011

tiada tajuk yang sesuai untuk luahan hati ini


dear blog...
I've something to share with you...
but, since when I cant remember..I've lost my ability to share my feeling..but the most important things that I'm improve in lean my ear for someone else...

dear blog,

did u ever felt that u love him so much..and you know that the person that can make u smile and cry..but he have someone else that had been bury deep down in his heart..and of course that someone is not u..that u cant ever never be in that place..and when u let it go..with all the hardship and day he come and say that he cant even breath without u..

and the same time, u had someone else that stand beside you..that really love u..

which one will be ur choice..?

dear blog..

it's not easy to let someone new to live life in ur heart..

and it's not easy to let go someone that u still in love..

dear blog...

i'm waiting for this..

when the time come...when someone give me ring..when someone kindly ask my parent for me..when Allah sent the other half of me..

and why dont they understand..the relationship that i'm seeking right the one that Allah told us..that Allah remind us..

p/s: owh kata kan aku psiko dan kuno..AAk..?=P

motif..? hehe

sumber gambo: google jek!

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