Friday, May 4, 2012

life must go on..


ladies and i'm present u a..bla..bla..bla..fuhhh dah start merepek..~

so today's life must go on.also for's a beautiful day but my heart full of neither had no's just start when my life start to unorganize..a lot to think..(pe dia ntah pikir banyak-banyak) a lot of work to do (i donno what work)sound like busy..tettt~~~

don't ask me either i'm ok not..u should know the answer right now..of course i'll answer yes i'm ok..everything fine..nothing to worry..but i had a lot in my mind..did I start to think about tomorrow that i'm not enjoying the present..? oh, come on arm..u seriously are not like this..u are a girl.., a woman that full of fun..u laugh a lot..u cry easily and after a second u'll laugh again..u make everything, around you like a very beautiful moment..u smile, u make other smile..u mean too...u hurt other and make them into ur friends..u may not have a lot of friends but seem you choose the best among the best to be by your side..*sigh* habis positifkan diri sudah..

so motifnya..I didnt know what happen to me's just my work seem so time not like dear friends start to be dear incik kesayangan pon lately asyik kena marah..huhu hurmmm

arm wake up..!! come on baby..get back into ur self..a.s.a.p!

need time for my self..~

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